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About Us

Our Vision

The vision for Red Hawk Fire Protection is to be a first-class company with a reputation built on strong relationships. A dedicated, hardworking, vigilant team focused on quality service;  we are committed to saving lives by providing superior fire protection services with integrity. 

Core Values

  • Integrity – We work to create open communication and honest relationships based on trust by taking responsibility, acting ethically and encouraging positive and productive interactions
  • Commitment – We commit to the success or our customers, partners and Red Hawk employees by consistently exceeding expectations.
  • Safety – We believe it is possible to conduct our operations without injuries to people or damages to assets, and continuously strive to improve safety results. The safety of our people is imperative and is not subject to negotiation or interpretation.
  • Accountability – We stand behind our business decisions that have been made through years of experience and by using good judgement. A strong moral compass implores us to accept responsibility for outcomes- both positive and negative.
  • Teamwork – We encourage our team to be supportive of each other’s efforts, loyal to one another, and care for each other both personally and professionally.

    Project Management

    Red Hawk Fire Protection recognizes that a commitment to design and project management is a major factor in sustaining growth. To ensure a quality project and maintain close communication with the customer, we utilize Project Managers.

    The Project Manager takes responsibility for the entire project, beginning to end. By doing so, this method provides continuity and stability, which make coordination not only feasible, but also efficient. The Project Manager acts as a liaison to ensure smooth operation and a satisfied customer.

    The key to a good start is in the design development stage. In this stage, a basic overall layout of the systems and a list of the material and equipment are available to inform all participants of the direction for the project. The design team will produce the necessary documents for plan and equipment review, obtain approval by all parties, and purchase the required installation permits.

    Construction Team

    Red Hawk Fire Protection brings to the table the best staff in the Northwest and will be an asset to the design team, one you will not forget. Our installation crews are truly our calling card. They are our closest contact to the customer and have repeatedly been a major player in customer satisfaction resulting in repeat business. Our foremen are charged with a large responsibility. They are involved in scheduling, monitoring the job progress, material delivery, safety, and the training of our future foreman, “The Apprentice”.


    We recruit, hire and train the best personnel available. Our strong commitment to our employees helps us maintain our highly skilled staff. Safety, professional development, and promotion of our staff are the foundation to our company’s growth and success.

    We provide our employees with a stimulating and supportive work structure where they are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential. In this flexible, innovative environment, we are able to provide our clients with a level of service few of our competitors can match. This experience, the development of a quality staff and a commitment to quality service to our customers is what has made us successful.

    Sprinkler Facts

    "The installation of fire sprinklers in new residential construction is estimated to make up around 1% of the total building cost. (Similar to the cost of new carpet)"